Monday, February 27, 2012

Epic Storytelling

One of my greatest parenting joys has been watching the creativity my 3-year-old exhibits on a daily basis. From creating drawings that everyday look a little more like whatever creature she's actually trying to draw, to making up songs on the fly that are better rhymed than some of the radio's pop songs, to narrating elaborate dollhouse dramas that would leave Modern Family writers in a standing ovation; she seems to be a bottomless pit of ideas. In an effort to document some of her more epic tales, I decided to include them in my blog for everyone's enjoyment.

These were all from today. She wanted me to write down the script for her plays that she was about to act out, prior to which involved closing all of the curtains, turning off all the lights, her putting on a costume of sorts, and giving the stuffed animals a run down of their scenes. The following are what she dictated to me.

Script 1:

Once there was a happy butterfly, flying around the government. The government is a far place. It's a dangerous place with dragons and hippos. They do not always want people to come near them, so you've got to be careful.
The End.

(This could explain a lot about our current economic crisis).

Script 2:

Once there was a super spy who was gonna fight a dragon. She was very, very, very brave, so she could go out there. But, you must have to be careful. The dragon almost ate her, but he didn't, because I spied him and smashed him with my magnifying glass. But, my magnifying glass didn't break.
The End.

Script 3:

The first little pig and the rabbit builded their house so they could stay away from the big bad elephant. They said, "No! He is not going to come in." Rabbit said, "He likes ice cream better." But the big great elephant came and woke up the first little pig, but the rabbit blew away. He had to get the rabbit back, but it was too late. He was already in a cage. BUT, he could get out.
The End.

Script 4:

This was a story about the little girl. The little girl needed a rest. But then three giant bad kittys come up and said, "No coming near us!" And they ate the little girl up, but then she got back out.
Then they had another idea. They had to trap her in jail. But they were already dead. So the little girl winned.
The End.

Epic, I know. The little girl definitely "winned."